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We leverage insider access and relationships with talent and models to create impactful collaborations between brands and influential creators. Our expertise in PR, events, and influencer marketing drives success.


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Behind The Magic

Meet the talent managers, strategists and creative minds behind our successful campaigns. Our experienced team leverages decades of combined industry expertise, insider access and passion for innovating to deliver results for our partners and clients. Their strategic thinking and creative vision drive the impactful relationships we build between brands and talent.

Freedom Doran

Founder & CEO

Freedom founded 22 IMPACT in 2020 and has led its rapid growth into various industries by creating innovative strategies that create value for brands, talent, and clients alike.

Zandi Dube

Senior Assistant to CEO

As Senior Assistant to Freedom, Zandi manages scheduling, communications, and day-to-day operations, enabling smooth leadership functions so Freedom can focus on business growth and innovation.

Ebby Ekech

Junior Assistant

Ebby supports the executive team with calendar management, event planning, and administrative tasks while learning the ins and outs of our active divisions.

Sam Wootton

Model Booker

Sam is an experienced model booker with an eye for talent and a passion for connecting models with the perfect opportunities.

Bolu Bello (BB)

Model Booker

Bolu has a keen eye for talent and a drive to connect models with fitting opportunities alongside supporting them through their journeys to bring out their best.

Chelsea Thompson

Head of US Talent

Having executed previous campaigns for the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and managing various creators Chelsea is set to expand our US clients & roster.

Kimberly Jeynes

Talent Manager

Kimberly is an expert in connecting influencers with brands and helping them thrive in the digital realm. With a knack for curating the perfect roster and executing successful campaigns.

Simon Ho


With a proven track record in financial management, Simon utilises his expertise to optimise financial strategies and drive sustainable growth for 22 IMPACT.

Kym Mosely

In-House Photographer

Kym utilises his technical mastery and creative vision to produce stunning imagery that brings 22 IMPACT campaigns to life. His dynamic style, flexibility, and ability to realise any creative direction makes Kym an invaluable in-house asset.

Leading you to success by connecting top content creators and models with leading companies

Partner with authentic influencers who connect with culture and society to fuel your brand's resilience. Our creators have built genuine relationships with their audience, earning trust and delivering value beyond product placements.


Experience the full spectrum of talent management with our 360 approach. For talent and brands.​

Event Production

Crafting immersive brand experiences through meticulous production. We create moments that inspire deeper connections between brands and their audiences.


Representing the faces shaping culture. Connecting models with opportunities and brands with the best.


We're storytellers at heart. Our strategic campaigns shape perceptions, drive conversations, and build meaningful connections between brands and audiences.

Public Relations

Amplifying impact through targeted messaging. Building meaningful brand connections through PR expertise.