Crafting Memorable and Unforgettable Event Experiences with the Expertise of 22 IMPACT

We specialise in crafting extraordinary and unforgettable event experiences that leave a lasting imprint.

Our meticulous attention to detail, creative flair, and dedication to perfection ensure that every event we produce is a masterpiece. Whether it's a high-profile corporate gathering, a dazzling product launch, or a heartwarming social affair, we bring your vision to life with precision and passion.

From conceptualisation to execution, we are your trusted partners in creating events that not only meet but exceed your expectations. With 22 IMPACT by your side, your event becomes more than just an occasion; it becomes a cherished memory etched in the hearts of your audience.

Event Planning & Design

Event Planning & Design is the artistic brushstroke that transforms your vision into a living masterpiece.

We delve deep into your event's purpose, tailoring every detail to evoke the desired atmosphere and emotions. From crafting immersive themes and exquisite decor to meticulously choreographing the event's flow, our expert team leaves no stone unturned in creating an experience that resonates.

We are the architects of unforgettable moments, ensuring your event is not merely an occasion but a captivating narrative that guests cherish long after the curtains close.

Elevate your events with the creativity and precision of 22 IMPACT where dreams are crafted into reality.

Venue Selection & Management

Experience venue excellence with 22 IMPACT.We are your event space curators, carefully handpicking venues that perfectly match your vision.

From grand ballrooms to trendy urban spaces and idyllic settings, we transform locations into the backdrop for unforgettable events. Trust us to set the stage for your memorable moments.

Logistics & Coordination

We're the logistical architects behind your seamless event experience. Our Logistics and Coordination procedures are the orchestrator that ensures all the moving parts align flawlessly.

From meticulously crafting schedules and liaising with vendors to coordinating transportation and overseeing setup, we leave no detail overlooked. Your event's success hinges on flawless execution, and we excel in making it happen.

Let us handle the behind-the-scenes intricacies, so you can focus on what truly matters—creating memories and connections at your event.

Production Management

We transform your event vision into a captivating reality through our Production Management service.

Think of us as the maestros of technical wizardry, weaving together audiovisual enchantments, striking lighting designs, and meticulously curated staging. Our dedicated team ensures that every technical element harmonises seamlessly, creating an immersive and visually stunning experience for your audience.

With 22 IMPACT, your event becomes more than a gathering; it becomes a captivating show, leaving a lasting impression and sparking unforgettable moments.

On-Site Management

Our On-Site Management service is your vigilant safeguard against the unexpected. We thrive in the midst of event chaos, ensuring that every hiccup becomes an opportunity for seamless resolution.

Our on-site team is equipped to tackle any challenge, from last-minute adjustments to unforeseen glitches, with a calm demeanour and strategic precision. We are the calm in the storm, transforming issues into solutions, and ensuring that your event sails smoothly to success.


Our team provides strategic guidance on producing immersive brand experiences. From concept to execution, we advise clients on planning, logistics, attracting talent, and creating buzzworthy moments.

Our consulting delivers events that excite audiences and connect brands.

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